The Political Compass

Hi, I’m Amy Meier, I write CivilTonge. I can’t give the blog the attention it deserves today, so I thought I would leave you with a fun little test. It is called The Political Compass. Now this is anonymous and for your own information/entertainment and I’m sure we could debate over the process used (their FAQs are interesting too), but it might be surprising to see where you fall in the field of political belief systems. If nothing else, it gives a static, 3rd party view of what are the values and principles that reflect the labels that we use.

Here’s the link to the test, but please do visit the homepage where they explain how the usual “right to left” spectrum is inadequate.  They measure two things – social and economic views. Left to right is explained as communism to libertarianism, the economic scale is from anarchism to fascism. On the page that gives results, you can see how you compare with famous world leaders – it would be interesting to see how our current election year candidates fell on this axis. I was little surprised with my results, are you surprised with yours? Take the test then come on back and tell me if you think this axis of political measures is accurate.

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3 thoughts on “The Political Compass

  1. Luke Haskins says:

    It was pretty much accurate for me. It was sort of what I expected. And luckily, I’m not on the extreme ends in any direction.

  2. Luke Haskins says:

    BTW, mind if I steal this link for my blog?

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