Obama gets an “F” on Progressive Politics from Previous Prof

Roberto Unger, Obama’s former Harvard Law Professor, has created a video stating that “Obama must be defeated“. It’s making a splash on the internet and says that short of a complete political reversal, President Obama should be defeated in order to establish a new progressive baseline for the Democratic party. His argument is that Americans have no hope of regaining their middle class, productive status if there is no one helping establish the structure needed to enable the middle class to support themselves. “Financial confidence and food stamps” – gestures to the elite and to the poverty stricken are what Unger sees as Obama’s ineffective policy.

He thinks that the greatest cost of a Romney administration would be in appointments made. He does not speak to the idea that a Romney administration (and perhaps a majority in Congress), might push policies so far to the right, and such fundamental changes made, that we will never have the ability to wrest powers back from the elites. Unger admits that the gap between the poor and rich will only get wider under his administration. An argument could be made that under Obama, the same risk of permanent financial elite control exists – the only difference might be that since Obama is supposed to be representingthe people, he might do it more slowly and keep some safety nets intact.

See what you think. It is reported that as late as the campaign in 2008, Prof. Unger was advising Obama and “on his speed dial”. Sounds like Obama has come a long way, and not to his mentor’s liking. The bottom line is that Obama is a far, far cry from a socialist (the AP agrees with me here). The leading fact is that not only did he shy away from standing with labor for their already negotiated fair share of productivity, but he courted and bailed out for-profit interests at a much higher level and cost than his help for American workers and families.

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One thought on “Obama gets an “F” on Progressive Politics from Previous Prof

  1. lokywoky says:

    I agree with Professor Unger on everything except that Obama must be defeated. I think the costs of electing Rmoney are too high to pay. While Obama is actually really “effective evil” – and the left needs to take to the streets and push and challenge him at every turn to get him to do what he promised us – we simply cannot afford to take the risks involved with a Republican administration and possibly a right-wing Congress also at this juncture.

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