Agenda 21 Awareness

A few months ago I heard rumblings about Agenda 21. Most of the rumblings were more like rantings by what seemed like extremists and alarmists (squeaky wheels get the news out), due to the provocative language they used like this site, this site, and this site. However, given the state of our corporate news today – none of the American main stream media news can be relied upon for hard hitting journalism – my mind is wide open for citizens reporters, alternative news outlets, and foreign sources to help inform my mind. Even the Enquirer is right sometimes. The point is not to trust these sources, but not to discount the message due to the messenger every time. A mere curiosity online can spur one’s own foray into a micro research project via Google.

After reading a bit more about Agenda 21, it is apparent that I should read a lot more about it. A recent call from a polling firm wanted to know my opinion on it, and the framing was quite interesting. There wasn’t really a left and right due to the cross sections of values, perspectives, and approaches taken to further those values.

The poll asked me if I thought Agenda 21 was trying to get me to live like a caveman – I’m paraphrasing and using descriptive liberties here, but that is what they were describing. One form of the question was interested in if I thought Agenda 21 was about global domination or necessary protections for the environment.

One thing is certain, main stream news isn’t touching it. Go ahead and Google it, you won’t find the main stream media reporting on it even though it is big news at the U.N. Rio Summit right now. It’s almost as if there’s a chill in the air…

or a command.  Check out these articles, they are calmer, more thought out pieces on Agenda 21 as well as the U. N. site.

We are using the world as a Commons for all, ignoring borders when extracting resources and profits. Does it make sense to govern those actions while ignoring borders? Is it the New World Order or a necessary measure to reign in the out of control polluters? Weigh in and let’s learn more.


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6 thoughts on “Agenda 21 Awareness

  1. AA says:

    Doesn’t matter, won’t work is my gut reaction.

    The stark reality is that we people of Earth do not believe that “we are all in this together”. Developing countries believe that there are “acceptable losses” as they climb the industrial development ladder, and the US is largely “do as we say, not as we do” (see any deforestation article).

    When you throw that in the big blender with the undeniably growing feeling that the UN is irrelevant, you get a big helping of “every country for themselves”. Maybe I am jaded, but I have seen too much first hand evidence both here and abroad.

    I’m a big fan of the environment, but don’t really see things playing out any other way.

    • Amy Meier says:

      It crosses my my mind that there are a lot of people in this country (and others) that would die fighting before submitting to enforcement by the U.N.

      Two issues that get conflated by deniers are atmospheric climate change and large scale pollution/destruction/alteration (like deforestation, mountain top removal, and radiation poisoning).

      Ignorance may cause one’s disbelief in atmospheric changes, but only blindness, deafness, and sheer willpower can allow one to ignore the latter.

  2. lokywoky says:

    Agenda 21 is like every other good idea that has come along in regards to how we (and by we I mean ALL the people who inhabit this planet) should seek to get along and take care of this round ball we all call home. But like all the good ideas that have come along, the United States, almost alone among all the nations – will refuse to cooperate. The US, almost alone among all the nations will not sign, ratify, or otherwise agree either in principle or in any other way to any of the decisions, restrictions, agreements, ideas, or anything else that will be agreed upon by most if not all of the other nations on the planet. We will object to “the language”, or to some imagined “infringement of our sovereignty” (what about the other countries soverenty?), or insist that “everyone else must do something first” even though we were probably the biggest/first/only cause of the problem in the first place. The US will want all the third world countries to have a share that is proportionately equal to ours – even though we use a disproportionate share of the resources and create a disproportionate share of the pollution and destruction. The US will want the third world to put up their share of the money first before we do just to make sure they pay because “we can’t trust them” and then the US will of course renige on our own payments.

    And then, if we do deign to participate even on a voluntary basis (without actually signing anything, mind you), we will abruptly withdraw for some frivolous reason midway through the process. The reason will be completely nothing to do with the process. The real reason will be because one of our big corporations decides they don’t want to meet the goals imposed because it is costing them some money and we can’t have that now can we!

    And yes, here in the US we have sheer willpower, willful blindness and deafness that allows many people to easily ignore the melted icecaps, the massive garbage island swirling in the middle of the pacific, the filthy skiess, the bare slopes where there once were thick forests, the big black Warning signs on the fresh fish case in the grocery store because of the toxic mercury levels, and everything else.

    Oh right. Rich people like them don’t go to any of those places. And the poor people who believe the drivel they spout can’t afford to either.

    Never mind.

  3. AA says:

    @ lokwoky I would disagree with your comment “United States, almost alone among all the nations – will refuse to cooperate”. Other countries give such policies lip service, but there is little evidence that they are taking serious measures to change.

    Protecting the environment has been a “luxury” activity of nations and individuals since the beginning of time.

    • lokywoky says:

      Kyoto Protocol. Europe – well on its way to meeting or exceeding all the goals. Most of the countries in South America – well on their way. Several countries in Southeast Asia well on their way. US – did nothing, and pulled out of the process after bad-mouthing India and China.

      US has refused to sign the UN Declaration that “People have a Right to Food”. The only nation to refuse.

      US has refused to sign the UN Declaration that “People have a Right to clean water”. One of only two nations to refuse – the other was Burma.

      The list goes on.

      As for the environment being a “luxury” activity, several of the small nations of South America have recently re-written their constitutions and are taking active steps now, but have recognized that the environment is very important. Ecuador grants “Mother Earth” the same standing and protections as we give to corporations here in the US – in their constitution! It is definitely no luxury for a country like that – it is a way of life.

      As far as the lip service – the US recently announced that it was suspending payments to one of the most non-political, best-run and important programs of the UN because some of the TEA/GOP thought somehow some way a dollar might somehow be going somewhere to providing abortions. (This program had nothing to do with abortions) Everyone else is paying but not the US.

      The US routinely does not pay its dues to the UN over political crap like this. The US often pledges large amounts of money to some program or other (not just UN stuff), and then does not pay, pays only partial amounts, or has to be shamed into paying after everyone else has put in what they have promised.

      And as far as actually doing anything – the US has done the least amount of anyone on addressing carbon emissions – even though the US is also the largest emitter of those and historically has always been.

      So disagree all you want. The facts speak for themselves.

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