Boon for Biz: Healthcare Mandate Upheld

“Chief Justice Roberts sides with the left”   says the liveblog of the SCOTUS from HuffingtonPost. They’ve upheld the individual mandate in the Affordable Care Act. It is being treated as a tax by the courts – that is the interpretation. There is a provision of a sort of state’s rights caveat, but conservatives may be disappointed and shocked, especially with Roberts. What is being parsed here is one of the factions of the conservative movement.

The Official Opinion on the ACA Act:

“The Left” liked the mandate because they are empathetic to all, Roberts liked it – more likely – because it goes a long way in marrying private interests with government requirements in which the values responsible are questionable.

The values of the ACA supporters are up for debate, but the values behind for profit health care are not. If the legislature and court are going to uphold the idea that the government can tax and require Americans to buy a product or service, the least they could do is insure that service has Americans best interest in mind – not theirs. This decision is a victory for empathy among the people but also for Big Business related to the the health care industry. It’s a blow for individual choice but a victory for a sense of a shared human (American) condition.

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2 thoughts on “Boon for Biz: Healthcare Mandate Upheld

  1. J says:

    It doesn’t seem like there will ever be a decision that leaves everyone happy.

  2. lokywoky says:

    Roberts went along with it because he was looking at “his” history. After all, it is “his” court and “his” court has such a dismal reputation as being a bunch of partisan, politacal hacks. He thought he could save himself with this. Unfortunately, the move was so transparent – it just reinforces that this court IS a bunch of partisan, politaal hacks.

    I’m glad the law was upheld. I don’t like the ACA for a number of reasons – but the precedent that would have been set if the entire thing would have been overturned (what the other four conservatives wanted) would have been an absolute disaster. I hope someday when we get a real progressive in the White House and a Congress that is actually interested in the welfare of the people instead of themselves – they will fix what’s wrong with this law and begin to really move us towards true universal health CARE – not just mandated purchase of (un)affordable insurance.

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