NC Fracking – Legal by Mistake

If fracking is harmless to water, perhaps we should make coffee with the chemical concoction that is injected into the earth and serve it at the RNC, they shouldn’t object – according to them the chemicals are harmless.

Another case of “gotcha” politics has played out in the North Carolina legislature. In a late night vote that “took her by surprise”, a veteran Democratic lawmaker, Becky Carney of Charlotte, accidentally gave Republicans the vote they needed to override the Governor’s veto of fracking legislation. Even though seconds after Congresswoman Carney pushed the incorrect button, she attempted frantically to change her vote to the one of her true intention, House Speaker Thom Tillis would not recognize the legislator’s requests for recognition and a switch of the vote – something typically granted by leadership when a request is made. Tillis says he is “comfortable” with the process, according to the N&O article on the late night vote.

This is worse than democracy killing, it flies in the face of all that is common sense and moral – and its result is poisoning our water, which is human killing. It is totally uncivilized.

How many more insults can our democracy bear before society totally breaks down? Like a prostitute named Chastity, our democracy no longer is serving to uphold life (which liberty and the pursuit of happiness kind of hinge on). Forget the ghost in the machine, it’s the damn profit motive. Profit motives only work in a democracy if the greedy hoarders are kept in check. We scoff at the hypocrisy in our history of having slaves while fighting for democracy, and here we are again. If the People cannot have clean water, they will revolt and/or die.

No amount of employment or industry can replace a water table that has been poisoned. You might live to feel the effects of showering in poison, experience headaches from chemical exposure, suffer skin ulcers, and find arsenic, benzene, ethylbenzene, toluene, xylene, naphthalene in your water – but you’ve already had a head start with decades of clean water ingestion. Imagine your children, nieces or nephews, then their children. Some of the chemicals stay underground and will accumulate there, so even if mom nature refills our water tables and tries to heal herself, she will be ridden with tumorous pustules of poison waiting to hurt the generations following us (even if they have the sense to outlaw it).Get more info on the chemicals here.

North Carolinians and any other Americans living in states considering or currently doing fracking, please activate and let your voice be heard. We are not only speaking for ourselves, but for those yet to be born.


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