Pot Juice, Kenny Rogers Meets Terminator, and A Word from Our Sponsors

Three interesting stories that might make you go hmmmm.

Who knew? Pot juice is even more medicinal than pot smoke. So medicine, juice/salad, recreation, and a sustainable strong fiber source – what are the reasons against it again?

In other news…

In case you missed it, robots are getting more humanoid than ever. This in conjunction with the mosquito drone story make me want to go all Ewok Warrior on this new wave of biologically modeled robots. Watch to the end where he talks about his human zoo.

The Top 5 Most Hypocritical Sponsors

And now for something more based in our everyday reality – the craziness of mismatched sponsorships. I’ve always wondered about non-profits that have sponsors who get crazy amounts of advertising for their “generosity”. In any other setting it is simply called “buying advertising”.  If a company truly wants to support a cause to give back to the community, they should not insist on emblazoning their logo everywhere they can find, or creating another pile of plastic promo crap that folks don’t use after event day. If they really want to market themselves that way, then let’s just be frank  and call it a marketing strategy.

This article calls out a current obvious mismatch of McDonalds and Coca-Cola being major sponsors of the Olympic Games with an unbelievable quote from the mayor of London:

…Despite the on-going debate, McDonalds and Coca-Cola are still sponsoring the Games. On the day before the opening ceremony, London’s mayor Boris Johnson responded to the criticism by telling reporters, “This is all just bourgeois snobbery about McDonald’s … It’s classic liberal hysteria about very nutritious, delicious, food — extremely good for you I’m told — not that I eat a lot of it myself … Apparently this stuff is absolutely bursting with nutrients.”

What do you think?

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