The purpose of this blog is to increase understanding and promote ethical debate about the issues that impact Americans and the entire world today. We want to form a more perfect union and stop the polarization of our fellow humans. We care about establishing justice, ensuring domestic tranquility, promoting the general welfare, even providing for the common defense. No matter your affiliations or political thought, we all have the right to our opinion and it’s past time to have a forum to discuss it with integrity and dignity. Personal attacks are not tolerated and any comments may be used as examples of good or poor debate technique.

Amy Meier started this blog as an outgrowth of her passion for her values. She knows that all authenticity anyone has comes from a place of values. Whether or not you can “shop talk” about politics or know all of the details about a particular bill or issue, you can still have an important opinion that deserves to be heard. She has studied language and psychology and followed a values based path and thinks she can help others articulate their opinions in a way that is respectful and respected. The approach of thinking first about values before issues and programs is one she learned from George Lakoff who has greatly contributed to bridging the ever widening political gap.

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Blake Butler says:

    Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed having you on Local Edge Radio today.
    Thanks for taking some time to stop by, love the blog, keep up the great work in spreading the progressive vibe

    Blake / Local Edge Radio

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