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Alternative Energy Power Brain Storm

Just yesterday I glanced at a “Fun Fact” on my way to market, “Enough energy falls on earth from the sun each day to power a …..” , ok, so I don’t exactly remember it but it was a whole lot of energy that could last the whole world quite a long time. It was really impactful and reminded me that I forgot my reusable tote bags before I entered the store. We see these lil’ quips around and tips for being “green”, but using the same analogy of the Titanic from yesterday’s post, in the big picture, the “green tips” seem a little like choosing the outfit we are going to be treading cold water in. We need some action and we need it sooner rather than later. Our political system is not really up for the task, so it seems that another tact must be taken without the express consent of the political game – which is to make it make sense on the market.

Perusing some of the materials a place like, they have found that the top four reasons why people don’t buy green energy are:

1.  Reliability: “I don’t think it actually works!”
2. Availability: “I don’t know where to buy it.”
3. Cost: “Buying into the ‘lifestyle’ is too expensive!”
4. Inertia: “It’s easier to do nothing.” Continue reading

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Greasy Thugs and Sunnier Days Ahead

It is painful to fill up my gas tank these days, and while I hate what it does to my monthly budget, part of me knows we are approaching a tipping point that might be very good for us. We are living in peak oil times. Even if we suck the earth as dry as possible with new oil drilling, we have more access to oil now than we will ever have again, and from here on out there are diminishing return on our financial investments. Very soon our supply will be in terminal decline. Any person that has the cognitive power to project that situation into the future can see that our gas and oil prices will not be coming down anytime soon, (according to the law of supply and demand). Subsidizing this lame duck energy source makes no sense for our security, comfort, or pocketbook – and Americans know it.  Cursory googlings found that somewhere between 59%-74% of Americans are ready to cut subsidies that act like training wheels for an industry that has left tire tracks across our backs.

The Christian Science Monitor reports that “[oil and gas] receive about $41 billion in annual subsidies annually. That amounts to more than half – 52 percent – of total benefits distributed to energy sectors by the federal government.” Continue reading

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