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The Economics of America

Economics are weighing on the minds of Americans. Most of us are too ignorant to exactly follow all of the policies put in place – I know when I read articles about it I end up having to look up a lot of background info and history. As mentioned yesterday, the spectrum of economics goes from “sharer” to “hoarder” (in uncivilized commonspeech you will see this as “commie” to “fascist pig”) – once again, most of us are in favor of an America that is exclusively neither.

The honorable values behind a sharing mentality are compassion, opportunity, and common humanity; the honorable values behind a capitalist mentality are determination, ingenuity, and personal financial responsibility. Most American hold all of these honorable values up high. Balancing these values would mean finding THE perfect system of economics for the US; we’ve already decided that pure ideological theories don’t work for us. It is apparent now that those with expertise in economics are not leading or influencing our governance in a way that is working for 99% of us; it’s time for We the People to put our thinking caps on and try to understand the debate so that we can participate accordingly.

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Nuclear Sociopaths

Helen Caldicott, the world’s most reknown nuclear expert when it come to its effects on humans, pointed out that one in twenty five people are sociopaths. She asked the question of who? Who is the sort of person that looks at all of the dangers of nuclear energy and radioactivity and thinks it is worth the price of filling this planet up with cancer causing toxins? There were several points that I wasn’t able to get to after writing about Dr. Caldicott’s talk last week. Continue reading

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Nuclear Resistance – It’s da Bomb!

If you don’t take over your country now, the earth is doomed.” So says Helen Caldicott, Nobel prize nominee and long time nuclear crisis educator. She is the world’s most informed (and vocal) person on how radiation effects the human body. Thirty eight years after quitting the private sector, Dr. Caldicott is still traveling the globe trying to get the message out: radiation kills. Slowly for some, quicker for others, but radiation will build up in this planet and never go away (for human practical purposes). It is killing us now and will only concentrate more and more in our children and grandchildren. Radiation gets on the ground, into the water, and into the air, it is sucked into plants, eaten by animals and is concentrated more and more as it makes its way up the food chain – to land in human bellies. Radiation may incubate for years before causing a cancer so it is hard to trace it to a direct cause, but it only takes one one millionth of a gram of plutonium to create cancer.

Because we don’t know how to handle radiation in a safe manner, nuclear power and weapons must stop being created and the issue of waste must be focused on.

Helen says that if she could get a half an hour with Obama, she thinks she could convince him to turn away from nuclear power and perhaps begin disarmament. She wants the face time, but says that she alone can’t do it, she needs the American people to wake up and pressure the powers that be. Basically her message was the same that Obama had for the country before he took office – we cannot wait for a Savior if we want to change the way things are. Continue reading

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Video Games, Child Soldiers, Halo and Jesus

A child soldier. Photo courtesy

I have a ten year old son, my oldest. A few days ago, he was introduced to Halo, a first person shooter video game. My son really liked this game and was excited to return to his friends house to play it. I knew next to nothing about the game and so called someone who did and did a little research online. This is when I found out that the game was “first person shooter” and that the main objective was shooting and escaping violent attacks from robots, aliens, and, I think, people costumed like robot/aliens. My son reeeally wanted to play this game, so naturally, I wanted to please him, but I was forced in a parenting “call” that left him disappointed. I just could not get past the idea of a gun toting first person shooter game; no more Halo for him. Continue reading

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