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What’s a Fair Share?

The Buffet Rule - Don't be a hog, leave some for the rest of us!

The Buffett Rule was brought up in Congress and all but one Republican voted it down. Many conservative pundits are feigning disgust at Obama’s nerve in trying to push for the vote when he knew that it would not pass. That response gets a collective yawn – what do you expect in the wild west culture of campaign capitalism? It is totally fair game to put ideas out there to see how the American public feel about them.

And the American public has spoken, they like the Buffett rule. Most Americans, including most Republicans think the Buffett Rule is a good idea according to the latest CNN poll. The Buffett Rule is one that puts in place a tax floor rate of 30% for those earning a million a year or more. Buffet wrote a poignant op-ed piece which argued that he should be paying at least the same tax rate as his secretary.

Republicans in Congress voted against the wishes of most Americans.  The meme that Democrats have used is, “everyone should pay their fair share” – and it is a good one. It honestly reflects what people feel in their gut and is true to progressive principles. If you polled all Americans on that idea – if everyone should pay their fair share – you would probably get close to 100%. Fairness is part of the basic idea America was founded upon.

We just disagree on what “fair” means. It is a contested concept. Continue reading

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NDAA Isn’t Nada

The National Defense Authorization Act for 2012 was signed into law on the last day of 2011. This is the act that the President must approve every year so that the military can receive their budgeted funds. Arguments around the military budget aside, the hot issue of this act is the provisions around military detentions. This issue didn’t really get the attention they deserve in the media, and is confusing when you try and find more information. Matter of fact, if you search CNN’s homepage for the act or NDAA, as it is know, you will find zero. Literally it will ask you-as if you made a typo – if you were searching for nada. (Shame on you CNN).

The contentious language of this bill has been tinkered with to walk the finest of lines to appease civil libertarians (fail). An article from Mother Jones reports: Continue reading

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