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Does the Bible Justify Bullying Gay People?

This spring Dan Savage, a leading gay rights and sex positive advocate, spoke at a conference for high school journalism students. He addressed the issue of folks pointing to the Bible to justify the bullying of gays. He did a great job of making his case with two exceptions: he used the words “bullshit” and “pansy-ass”, which weakens the argument- even if he was describing written words and actions (not people). He could have omitted those phrases and his speech would nearly have been worthy of carving in stone; the nation is sick of hypocritical “logic”. Even though I am not a fan of the use of cursing to make a point, I will concede that when people are suffering and dying at the hand of those who supposedly follow God, there is reason to be upset. There is reason to curse and gnash your teeth and pull out your hair. Hate begets hate and last time I checked, Jesus did not advocated hating anyone. Continue reading

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The Gay Agenda: They’re Here, They’re Queer, We’re Getting Used to It

It’s a banner week in gay rights. The California appeals courts determined that proposition 8 – the law that banned same sex marriage – violated the 14th amendment by discriminating against gay people. Washington state just legalized same sex marriage. A Million Moms plus Ellen set the stage last week in pop culture/retail, this week it’s about legal business. American is showing more and more signs of accepting gay people as they are, no closet required. For some of us Americans, this is a time of great celebration. For probably most of us, this is a time of looking at the headlines, smiling in approval, then continuing on with our day (since we didn’t have any plans to marry anyone same-sex). For some of us, this is a terrible blow to entrenched concepts of tradition and authority.

It is no news flash that many conservatives are not in favor of gay rights. The most vocal of these folks use mostly religious arguments to support their positions. If someone is not standing on religious traditions, their views around denying gay people the right to marry rest in distaste for the gay lifestyle and fear of the unknown – homophobia. None of these anti-gay positions have any legal ground in our Constitution. Continue reading

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