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Sharing our Marbles

How to Get the Rich to Share The Marbles is the title of an article by Johnathan Haidt, psychology professor, printed in the New York Times in February. It explains the psychology around “sharing the spoils” behavior. I’m jumping right to the punch with this quote from the article, then I’ll work backward explaining how we got here:

If the Democrats really want to get moral psychology working for them, I suggest that they focus less on distributive fairness — which is about whether everyone got what they deserved — and more on procedural fairness—which is about whether honest, open and impartial procedures were used to decide who got what. If there’s a problem with the ultra-rich, it’s not that they have too much wealth, it’s that they bought laws that made it easy for them to gain and keep so much more wealth in recent decades. Continue reading

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TED and the Question of “Job Creators” as “The Creator”

TED is kind of a big deal these days. The format is pretty simple, you get X amount of time to talk (from 5 to 18 minutes I believe, depending on the event and venue), you have to beat out other presenters to get that space, you have an audience, they film it, and you may or may not become an internet sensation because you were so brilliant in your concise and exciting presentation. It costs money to sit in the audience, and those on the stage are very “staged” – very rehearsed, made up, props ready, everything just so so that the spotlight is on whatever edutainment is about to knock our socks off. Well, sit down, there is a rumble of discontent among those following TED talks.

Nick Hanauer is a venture capitalist that did a short TED talk which can be found here. His man point was that taxing the rich benefits most people in a society (including the rich), and that the meme of the rich as “job creators” is completely false, it belongs to the buying power of the middle class.  This idea isn’t brand spankin’ new, but it is short and simple to understand. News organizations in the MSM pick up Frank Luntz’s “job creator” meme and attach it to the wealthy without skipping a beat. It is refreshing to have someone call out this new invented and presumed correct term, and actually call it into question – something our daily news rarely does. Hanauer didn’t just call out the term “job creator” as being attributed to the wrong class of people, he also called out the language – “creator”. I agree with Hanauer, the word “creator” is in there for a very real reason – it harkens to the Creator and gives a nod to the wealthy class that they are god like or god approved, in their benevolence to the rest of us. Continue reading

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The Economics of America

Economics are weighing on the minds of Americans. Most of us are too ignorant to exactly follow all of the policies put in place – I know when I read articles about it I end up having to look up a lot of background info and history. As mentioned yesterday, the spectrum of economics goes from “sharer” to “hoarder” (in uncivilized commonspeech you will see this as “commie” to “fascist pig”) – once again, most of us are in favor of an America that is exclusively neither.

The honorable values behind a sharing mentality are compassion, opportunity, and common humanity; the honorable values behind a capitalist mentality are determination, ingenuity, and personal financial responsibility. Most American hold all of these honorable values up high. Balancing these values would mean finding THE perfect system of economics for the US; we’ve already decided that pure ideological theories don’t work for us. It is apparent now that those with expertise in economics are not leading or influencing our governance in a way that is working for 99% of us; it’s time for We the People to put our thinking caps on and try to understand the debate so that we can participate accordingly.

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True Religion of “The Market”

The Golden Calf of Wall Street

The media seems to be continually reporting on the “War on (fill in the blank” labels these days, with lots of finger pointing back and forth, “…they started it…”. These important discussions being framed as “wars” diminishes the REAL WARS that we are waging in Afghanistan and Iraq (if only through private proxies) and the danger of future wars (Iran, N. Korea). Whether it is media labeled or partisan labeled, it would be so refreshing to just discuss the topic at hand without the hype, but there is good reason for the hype. The hype isn’t about women, contraception, or any specific demographic, the hype is around two world views and the prize is your brain.

No, it’s not the zombie bandwagon, what strategist, marketers, and political powers want is for you to dig in and claim their philosophy as your own. They can remind you of how awesome their philosophy is directly through campaigning, or more likely through thousands of more indirect ways. Indirect routes may include planting or calling attention to specific stories in the news,  hints (or commands) from religious realms, marketing at your favorite retailer, new products being developed, through school curriculum, playing specific music, experiencing advertising, through popular books and movies, through social media, by celebrity endorsement. Most of these “nudges” are subtle and disguised as “fun” or being “cool” and the story – the part that someone wants you to buy into – can be written off as entertainment and non-partisan. Continue reading

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Snake in the Brain

The human brain is pretty amazing. We have the capacity to write beautiful sonatas, engineer skyscrapers, and achieve flight. In such higher level thinking we must be conceptual and rely on an extensive network of pre-existing neural pathways, their beginnings started with our first breath. Whether our cleverness is about natural born talents or acquired knowledge, the finer achievements in human history are a product of thoughts that went way beyond finding food, heat, water, security, reproduction and sex. The part of the brain that impels us to meet those most basic needs – voluntary or involuntary – is called the “reptilian brain”. As sophisticated as our higher level deliberations may be, our reptilian brains are always in charge. One reason why media, campaigns, and messaging in general – especially Republican created- works on us is because it speaks to our reptilian brain. Democrats tend to appeal to higher level thinking and lose the battle for the mind.

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