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Progressive Christians

Quiet, elusive, pensive, insular, the progressive Christian‘s habitat is the same as all other of its species. They live in and around conservative Christians as well as Atheists and subscribers to other religions. They camouflage well in any sort of setting, one of their traits is entertaining and discussing other points of view, making their own beliefs difficult to observe. Some think that since a definite and unified belief system is hard to pin down between progressive Christians, there must not be a belief system intact. Here on Good Friday, I am going to tell you about some of those beliefs because progressive Christians’ beliefs are as genuine and legitimate as anyone else’s belief system.

A progressive Christian is someone who is inspired spiritually and morally by Jesus.That is probably the closest you can get to a unifying belief system, from that point on, you cannot talk about beliefs in the plural tense. Since I am familiar with many progressive Christians, I can give some examples of their beliefs. Continue reading

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