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The Snow Globe: The Tyranny of Security

“A snug-ghoh!” I said still more loudly, whispering as if I had an aside to the audience in a Broadway play.

“I still can’t understand you, why are you talking like that?”, my husband asked me with an amused, confused look on his face.

“Cht chhhttt shhht shhhh sh”, I give him the calm down signal and take a glance around. I face forward and take a sip from my drink. My husband stares at me in disbelief.

“So did you find a snow globe or not?”, he says. Out loud. This was getting out of control. I jerk his arm to me and stick my face in his hair. I whisper a whisper so quiet, he could barely hear me.

“It’s about the snow globe. I’ll tell you later. I have it. I can’t talk about it now. Security‘s watching me.”, I release my claw and faced forward again, taking another sip of my drink, taking a sidelong quick glance at the bartender.

This is America. Continue reading

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NC Amendment One -State Mandated Discrimination

This is what Family Values looks like

I want to start by thanking those people in my country and from around the world that have fought hard and sacrificed so much in the struggle for civil rights. In the 60s, so many people put their life, livelihoods, and family security on the line in order to lay the groundwork for equal rights for all.  The struggle for black Americans was and still is hard won. Because of the African-American community’s strength and determination, they secured and framed the civil rights argument for all of us. That being said, “black rights” do not equal “civil rights”; they are one application of civil rights.

There is much comparison and contrast of the gay rights movement to the movement of the 60s that secured civil rights for black Americans. Assumptions of comprehensive parallels have been made and offenses have been taken. Compounding the emotional mix are the perceptions of the attitudes of the two communities towards each other – there is a perceived (and I have no idea if it can be fact based) undercurrent of distaste in the African American community for the gay lifestyle. This comparison and contrast of the two groups does next to nothing good for anyone other than hindering the debate of the real issue, which is civil rights. Continue reading

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