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Hemp, Hemp, Hooray!

A Hemp House

April 20th – 4/20 – is a day of marijuana awareness. The date became significant because of the police code – 420 – which indicated that some marijuana busting was about to go down. The political landscape is shifting around marijuana. We are in need of ecological solutions, the drug war has officially failed, and health care costs are so high that the people have turned to alternative treatments. The time is coming to federally legalize hemp and marijuana, the prohibition that has been on the books since 1937 has not worked and has instead been the reason why organized crime and institutionalized penalty mark its use and distribution today.

The majority of Americans (55% according to the Marijuana Policy Project report from 2008) believe marijuana should not be a criminal offense and 78% said that they believed that doctors should be able to prescribe it for patients in need. Continue reading

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Pat for Pot, No Rush for Restitution

Mechanisms of justification are what we come up with to make our facts fit the frame. In other words, when we have a concept in mind we want to keep, we will don our scientist cap to seek out and manufacture evidence to support our favored concept. We all do it unconsciously so there’s no need to feel guilty about it, it’s a survival technique. We can, however, call people out on the mechanism when it drums up weak “facts” to fit that frame.

Two standbys in current political discourse are getting tired. They are used so much that it probably doesn’t even raise a red flag when they are used. I’m sure there is a fancy logical fallacy name I could apply to it if I wanted to be fussy, but I’m going to call them like I see them – the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” rule and “separate but equally bad behavior” theory.

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