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The Epidemic of Capitalism

Sick seems to be the theme lately. Santorum read a speech on keeping the church and state separated which, “made him want to throw up” – which might make some of the rest of us feel queasy. Well, I am truly getting sick of pointing out why Rick Santorum keeps getting it wrong about keeping the church and the state separate – so I’m writing about health, specifically vaccines.

Bill Moyers has a piece today on the Huffingtonpost about vaccines. Someone one (or two) people went to the Superbowl with measles, which is super contagious. So there is a possibility that thousands of people were contaminated, but so far nothing has been reported. Bill takes the opportunity to point out how sometimes Americans opt to not have their children vaccinated. He seems mostly concerned with the religious exemption, pointing out that the “herd immunity” begins to break down if just five out of twenty five students are not vaccinated. No doubt we are all susceptible to disease and would not want our loved ones to battle one unnecessarily, so what gives? Why are some of us choosing not to vaccinate?

I can think of many good reasons. Continue reading

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