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Citizens United and Citizens Divided

Saturday is the anniversary of the Citizens United decision that held up the idea that corporations are people. I know of no individual person that agrees with this decision – ok, Mitt Romney unashamedly says, “corporations are people my friend” in this clip. How can this be? How can any human deny their own species of its unique place in the world? I will break down the ideas behind this concept and try to make any sense of this point of view. Meanwhile I’d like to make some suggestions on how to start this conversation.

In that clip, Romney is explaining that the money from corporations goes to people, therefore they equal people. For all of us, not just presidential candidates, we tend to ignore facts and use what we can to justify our positions. While for many of us that argument rings hollow, perhaps he has actually convinced himself that because people work for corporations that they are the same. Each of us can construct a worldview that reinforces our own desires and beliefs and when confronted with outside opinion – it sounds crazy. This supporting argument is rather weak because in fact a corporation cannot put on a shirt, take a breath, and has no DNA. Any grade school scientist could come to the conclusion that indeed corporations are not humans. The actual values that cause folks like Romney – and our Supreme Court – to make these justifications, actually stem from their worldview that authority is the supreme moral compass. This authority ultimately rests in their belief in God, which might mean a Christian – or Mormon – one, but it also might mean a deitized view of money. Continue reading

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