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Magic Mushrooms May Save Us All

Mushrooms are amazing; we owe our lives to these amazing organisms. Mushrooms hold our topsoil together, help us sequester CO2, feed us, and offer a wide array of uses from food to medicine to manufacturing. A team of scientists at Yale have found a species that can eat plastic. This should have made major headlines, it’s the best news I’ve heard for our planet in a long time. I had to share.

Check out the article from Yale Alumni Magazine here. It describes a trip to the jungles of Ecuador where biological samples were collected. One of them was a fungus they identified as estalotiopsis microspora. Once back at the lab, the fungus was isolated and seemed to have a healthy appetite for polyurethane even when fed that exclusively.

We’ve all heard of polyurethane, but what are common items made from it? It combines the properties of rubber and plastic, so it’s uses are many (from Wikipedia): Continue reading

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The Facts Always Fit the Frame

“Speak truth to power!” – a common mantra to any justice seeking, accountability lovin’, truth teller out there. A typical scenario would go like this, Citizen A decides to get active around a certain issue, maybe they have a personal experience with it, maybe it just strikes their passion. No matter; Citizen A usually tries to get at least a bit educated about it. Citizen A then often tries to spread awareness and information about their selected issue. They have a laundry list of facts and figures that support the necessity to change the behavior of others – let’s say they want you to write a letter to Congress or stop buying bottled water. Citizen A might have an exhaustive list of facts derived by the best of scientific methods and all information points to the need for you to do this change in behavior, what is it that could actually make you do this new behavior? Continue reading

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