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Profitizing Health

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is being debated in the Supreme Court today, the question is – as always with the Supremes – constitutionality. This specific issue is around requiring individuals to purchase health insurance for themselves, the other issues depend on the answer to this question. I get the feeling that it is going to stand, but my progressive leanings are very “out to lunch” around this whole issue. This is Obama’s crowning achievement, and still the case has not really been made for the American people. I do believe healthcare should be a right for all Americans – the richest nation in the world has a stated mission of sharing life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness among all of it’s people; those are all impossible goals to try for if you don’t have your health.

Wade into the health insurance discussion and get ready for some facts…oh, I’m not providing them, I’m just saying there are a lot of them. Progressives loove to do their homework, fact check it, and then bring the details to the “fight”. This is how progressives approach most problems, they try to find some sort of backing before feeling empowered to participate. This is all wrong. You can “win” an argument with facts and figures, but you can’t win over people with those facts and figures…unless you’ve already done the hard part – framed it your way. Facts and figures act as annoying clutter until you can actually connect with the person on an emotional level.
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Obama backs Amendment to Overturn Citizens United

Citzens United may have already overstayed its welcome. After the first anniversary of this ruling, politicians are finding out how limitless, unlimited corporate contributions can be. When you want to control the figurehead of the corporate superpower, turns out a whole lot of money starts flowing. RawStory reports that $40 million has already been spent on negative campaigning against Obama, $30 million more has just been raised and quotes Obama’s campaign, “Meanwhile, Karl Rove, the Koch brothers and others have joined together to raise almost a half billion dollars, again for one singular purpose: to defeat the president in November”. Finally I think it is sinking in to some politicians how ridiculous these money piles are, especially when they buy nothing but vitriol and further division among our people. When our economy is in such a state, the glaring contrast between the glossed over slime of slick TV ads and the desperation for employment to cover basic needs is nauseating. Continue reading

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